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AIG Contact number 0870 025 0806

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AIG Contact Number 0870 025 0806

Need to call AIG?

To contact the AIG customer service team, simply pick up the phone and dial their UK contact number on 0870 025 0806.

Do you have a query regarding the service at AIG, need to speak to a customer support rep? You can quickly come in contact with the AIG call centre staff by calling the AIG Phone Number on 0870 025 0806. Before making the phone call please read the information below regarding the call costs.

Please note all calls to this number will forward to the AIG customer service team who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

Calls to our 0870 phone numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.
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AIG Telephone Numbers:

AIG Contact Number 0870 025 0806
AIG Helpline Phone Number 0870 025 0806
AIG Customer Service Phone Number 0870 025 0806

Contact Deatils

AIG Customer Services 0870 025 0806
Head Office AIG Insurance

The AIG Buliding

58 Fenchurch Street



Hours:  Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm

AIG Call Centre Opening Hours:

Day Opening Times
Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Why Do Customers Call AIG?

  • Life Insurance information
  • Care cover
  • Claims
  • YourLife Plan
  • Business protection information
  • Financial support
  • Information regarding Start Range
  • Cover information for children
  • Family Income benefit
  • Key3 Critical Illness insurance
  • Complaints
  • Careers.

Call 0870 025 0806 to resolve your issue

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About AIG

American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an American multinational insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries.  The company operates through three core businesses: Consumer Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and Other Operations.

AIG Insurance has given individuals and businesses competitive quotations since its origins in the years after World War I. After beginnings in the Asian regions, AIG expanded its cover further afield, becoming an early example of a globalised insurer. Today, cover is provided in over 100 different countries, making AIG’s approach to policy successful and well-received.

AIG not only offer customers excellent life cover and other insurance policy quotes they also provide a competent customer service team. The agreement you hold is honoured to the precise wording.  Regardless of the type or exact specification found in your policy, you can phone the company’s advisers safe in the knowledge that you’ll be informed in a manner that allays any concerns you have regarding an insurance policy you’ve bought or are considering.

AIG provide that much needed within today’s culture, reassurance and peace of mind. They offer a wide range of Life insurances and can provide financial help for your family if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Whole of Life Insurance (fast becoming the most popular policy) is a form of life insurance that does not come to an end when you reach a certain age – it lasts for the ‘whole’ of your life. Income protection helps pay your bills if you are too ill to work. Critical illness cover can provide financial support if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. We recommend you speak to an AIG financial adviser to find out what and how much financial support you need, as well as deciding which of our products and features suit you. Do not hesitate to contact one of AIG’s professional customer service team who are more than happy to assist you.


If you want to file a complaint against poor services of AIG you can also send a letter to the AIG customer complaint address:

The AIG Building

58 Fenchurch Street



General Info:

AIG traces its roots back to 1919, when American Cornelious Vander Starr established a general insurance agency. Business grew very fast, and just two years later, Starr formed a life insurance operation. In the late 1920s, they had branches throughout China and Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In 1926, Mr. Starr opened his first office in the United States, American International Underwriters Corporation (AIU). The steady growth of the Latin American agencies proved significant as it would offset the decline in business from Asia due to the impending World War II. In 1939, Mr. Starr moved his headquarters from Shanghai, China, to New York City.

AIG is still going strong many years later, more recently in 2016 AIG announced a joint venture with Hamilton Insurance group and two Sigma Investments to serve a purpose for smaller enterprises.
AIG provide a vast array of different insurance policies from individual cover to business cover. Give them a call today on 0870 025 0806 to see how you, your family or business could benefit.

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AIG Contact Number 0870 025 0806

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ContactHelpline is a call connection and call-routing service and is in no way connected to the companies listed. We forward all calls to the hard to find official phone numbers for the companies listed. The official phone number for the companies listed may be found on the official websites or in the public domain.

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