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Hotpoint Contact Number 0843 903 4372

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Hotpoint Contact Number 0843 903 4372

Need to contact Hotpoint?

Do you have an query regarding the service at Hotpoint, need to speak to the head office staff over at Hotpoint? You can quickly come in contact with the Hotpoint customer service team by calling the Hotpoint Contact Number on 0843 903 4372.

Looking for the phone number for the Hotpoint customer service team & other departments such as complaints? The ContactHelpline Hotpoint contact number will connect you directly to the Hotpoint customer service department via our call forwarding service.

To contact the Hotpoint customer service team simply pick up the phone and dial our contact number, which will then forward you to their UK contact number.

Please note all calls to the Hotpoint Contact Number listed on this page will divert to the official customer service helpline via our call forwarding service, please read the call information listed and understand the costs before making the call. Calls to our 0870 numbers will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Hotpoint call centre staff.

Here at ContactHelpline we are dedicated to helping you to get in touch with the various companies located across the UK. If you were looking for the contact information to reach the customer service team at Hotpoint you have certainly landed on the right page. Common searches for Hotpoint include Complaints, Head Office and Customer Services, whichever department you would like to get in contact with simply dial 0843 903 4372, by dialling this number your call will be forwarded to the Hotpoint helpline staff who will be more than happy to deal with your call.

The Hotpoint helpline can be busy during peak hours, the Hotpoint head office deal with all types of customer enquiries via phone and post, whatever your issue you can contact the customer service team today by calling the contact number listed, all calls to our 0870 number will divert to the official Hotpoint Contact Number via our connection service. Please read the call information listed on the page disclaimers and understand the call costs listed below before making the call.

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Hotpoint is a British brand of domestic appliances. Current examples of Hotpoint appliances include: washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, irons, cookers, hobs, microwaves, taps, sinks, kettles, toasters and blenders. The Hotpoint products are highly accessible and are popular due to their affordability and reliability.

Hotpoint Phone Numbers:

Hotpoint Contact Number 0843 903 4372
Hotpoint Helpline Phone Number 0843 903 4372
Hotpoint Customer Service Phone Number 0843 903 4372

Hotpoint Contact Details:

Call Hotpoint Contact Numbers
Hotpoint Customer Services 0843 903 4372
Head Office Head Office

Morley Way



Hours: Monday – Sunday

Hotpoint Call Centre Opening Hours:

Day Opening Times
Monday 8am – 6.30pm
Tuesday 8am – 6.30pm
Wednesday 8am – 6.30pm
Thursday 8am – 6.30pm
Friday 8am – 6.30pm
Saturday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Why Do Customers Call Hotpoint?

  • Appliances information
  • Services
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Warranty
  • Report a fault
  • Register an appliance
  • Safety information
  • Shop
  • Complaints
  • Careers.

Call the Hotpoint customer service team on 0843 903 4372 to resolve your issue

By dialling the Hotpoint Contact Number listed above you will be able to speak to the helpful customer service team over at Hotpoint who will be more than happy to deal with any issues you have. During peak hours the customer relations team at Hotpoint deal with a high volume of calls, you may prefer to call during less popular hours, try again later on, or even contact them via post if the problem is not urgent.

If you would like to contact Hotpoint customer services team about a problem that you’ve experienced while using Hotpoint services or if you have any questions to ask about what they can offer you, then you can call them on 0843 903 4372 and a member of the team will try and help you as quickly as they can.



About Hotpoint

Hotpoint is one of the largest producers of appliances for the home in the UK, it is no surprise that the Hotpoint contact number is among the most phoned compared to any of their rivals. Their customer service team are available 7 days a week, answering queries, dealing with complaints and sorting our refunds and returns – as well as issues with spare parts. You can come into contact with one of Hotpoint’s customer care team on 0843 903 4372.

Hotpoint’s products and appliances are popular within the UK, customers find them to be reliable and affordable.  Hotpoint stockists include John Lewis, Argos, Tesco and Homebase amongst others.

Hotpoint is a British brand currently owned by Italy’s Indesit. The brand was founded in 1911 in California and has grown significantly since then. The name comes from the revolutionary “hot point” of the first electric iron. In 1920, the brand established a partnership with General Electric forming the Hotpoint Electrical Appliance Company to market goods in the UK.

Since Whirlpool acquired Hotpoint in 2014, an internal investigation found safety hazards in several products sold over the last 10 years. The appliances especially at risk are tumble dryers, though faults have been found with specific Hotpoint gas cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, and fridge freezers. As a result of this, you should call 0843 903 4372 to check your serial number, and if it is one of the affected products you will need to organise a modification or a replacement with Hotpoint. More information can be found on the official Hotpoint website.


Hotpoint Contact Number 0843 903 4372

If you want to file a complaint against poor services of Hotpoint you can also send a letter to the Hotpoint customer complaint address:

Hotpoint Customer service Department

Morley Way



If you would prefer to speak to the member of staff over at the Hotpoint HQ please use the Hotpoint Contact Number listed.



General Info:

Hotpoint began its journey back in 1911 in California, the founder of an electric heating company invented a unique type of iron. It had a heated point to stiffen shirt collars, which then inspired the company’s 1912 name change to Hotpoint. Over the last century, the company has been through various acquisitions. Today the American corporation Whirlpool and the Chinese company Haier share ownership of the brand. Since it entered the UK market in 1920, Hotpoint and its later sister brands Creda and Indesit have produced most of the kitchen appliances in the UK. Award-winning repair services are provided by Hotpoint’s logistics team for 1.5 million Hotpoint and Indesit customers. Hotpoint are proud to have an effective customer service care team who are happy to assist you with any problems that may arise with your Hotpoint product or appliance.


Hotpoint Contact Number 0843 903 4372


To Contact Hotpoint please dial 0843 903 4372, all calls to this number will forward to the official Hotpoint customer service team via our call forwarding service.

Hotpoint Contact Number 0843 903 4372

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