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Ingenie Contact Number – 08701 830 539

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Ingenie Contact Number 08701 830 539

Need to phone Ingenie Insurance?

Contact the Ingenie helpline staff today on 08701 830 539.


Ingenie Phone numbers :

Contact INGENIE Insurance Call
Ingenie Phone Number 08701 830 539
Ingenie Helpline 08701 830 539
Ingenie Insurance Helpline 08701 830 539

Whether you are a new or existing customer, or you simply wish to find out more about the relatively new insurance company, call the Ingenie contact number to speak to a staff member now on 08701 830 539 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am on Saturdays.

Do you need the Ingenie contact number? One call to the number listed on this page will see your query handled quickly and effectively. Your call will go straight to the Ingenie customer service team via our call forwarding service and the Ingenie staff who are highly skilled and more than happy to help. Whether you are a new or existing customer, or you simply wish to find out more about the relatively new insurance company, call to speak to the helpful customer service team over at Ingenie insurance.

Ingenie is an insurance company that offers policies to young drivers aged between 17 and 25. Ingenie works by fitting a black box into all its customers vehicles, allowing the firm to treat all customers as individuals and reward them for driving well. The forward thinking firm helps its drivers improve by offering regular feedback which can be viewed online or on their phone.

The Ingenie idea is simple……….drive well and you pay less!

Need to contact Ingenie about a breakdown?, the black box, or simply to speak to the Ingenie customer support team?, call them today via the Ingenie phone number on 08701 830 539


Reasons to call the Ingenie contact number – 08701 830 539

As with all insurance companies, the reasons for calling the Ingenie helpline number are varied. Perhaps you are a new driver looking to get a smart deal on your car insurance, at a time where your premium may cost you well over the odds. Maybe you are a parent looking to insure your son or daughter on their first car purchase. If you call Ingenie with the details of the intended policy-holder and the car you are wishing to insure you will be able to get a quote over the phone from the helpful customer service team at Ingenie HQ. Existing customers can also use the same number, whether to amend personal details or to make a claim with the Ingenie claims department. The Ingenie customer helpline team are fully trained and professional, enabling them to handle all issues with ease. Want to complain to Ingenie? Contact Ingenie today on 08701 830 539 for all problems relating to your policy.


What do Ingenie Offer?

Ingenie offers black box car insurance, providing an affordable insurance solution for young drivers between the age of 17-25. Those who wish to learn more about how a black box can help them to save on insurance costs are asked to call Ingenie on 08701 830 539. When dialing the Ingenie telephone number, customers will be able to speak with an agent regarding the various levels of insurance coverage that are offered. For those who already have a policy in place with the company, a call to Ingenie customer services will allow you to request policy changes or to submit a claim.


What can I get help with when I call the Ingenie contact number?

Calling the Ingenie customer services number will provide assistance for current customers and interested potential clients. For current customers, you can call Ingenie through Contact Helpline to ask about your Driver Score and whether you qualify for a discount in the next quarter. You can also consult the Ingenie customer service team to discuss an upcoming increase in cost of cover due to your Driver Score.

The Ingenie customer services team can assist with any questions you may have about payment and pricing.

Call 08701 830 539 to speak to Ingenie 

Info (source, offical Ingenie website)

Ingenie is on your side – we’re all about creating better, safer drivers. We fit a black box in your car so we can treat you as an individual and reward you for driving well.

To help you improve we give you simple, regular feedback which you can view online and on your phone. This lets you take responsibility for how you drive as well as how much you pay for your insurance.

Quite simply: drive well and pay less.

Ingenie will fit a black box in your car within the first two weeks, at no extra cost. It’ll be installed by a professional fitter, so they can treat you as an individual and reward you for driving well. There are no night time curfews or mileage restrictions with ingenie they focus on how you drive, not when.

You’ll get regular feedback on your driving roughly every 10 days (as long as you’ve driven at least 40 miles in that time), via the ingenie app or website. ingenie will evaluate your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering as trends, so that you are not penalised for an isolated incident.

The price of your insurance is then reviewed every 3 months – drive well and you could earn a further discount for good driving; rive poorly and your premium may increase. The black box also acts as a theft tracker so that ingenie can return your car to you as quickly as possible.


Other ways to contact Ingenie include –

Ingenie Email –


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