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TalkTalk Phone Number 0870 025 0438

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Need to call TalkTalk? Contact Talk Talk on 0870 025 0438

To speak with a member of the Talk Talk customer service team call 0870 025 0438 and a member of the UK based talk talk call centre staff will be more than happy to help with any enquiry you have.

If you need to contact TalkTalk about internet, mobile or TV issues give them a call on the phone number above.

TalkTalk has been operating as a telecoms and broadband service provider in the UK for well over a decade, they are now a huge brand within the telecommunications industry.

Well known for their competitive pricing and rich variety of services ranging from mobile contracts to home broadband and TV connections, TalkTalk has long had a persistent and steady presence in the very competitive UK market.


Contact TalkTalk

You can contact TalkTalk’s expert London-based customer care team at any time on this phone numbers:  0870 025 0438, please note this number will divert your call to the official Talk Talk call centre. This number may be found in the public domain. All calls go through to the same 24-hour customer service helpline which serves customers throughout the UK.


Talk Talk Phone Number List

TalkTalk Helplines  Call
General Enquiries 0870 025 0438
Sales 0870 025 0438
Talk Talk Business Broadband Sales 0870 025 0438
Talk Talk Billing 0870 025 0438
New Customers 0870 025 0438
Talk Talk Complaints 0870 025 0438
Call Talk Talk From Abroad 0870 025 0438
Talk Talk Head Office 0870 025 0438
Join TalkTalk Contact Number 0870 025 0438
Talk Talk Customer Service 0870 025 0438


TalkTalk moving home contact number

If you are moving your home and interested in taking the service with you, please call 0870 025 0438 to have a word with one of the customer service reps over at Talk Talk who will be more than happy to help with this. Make sure you have informed them in advance. This service will take a maximum time of a week. You need to prepare certain things when you are calling or making your move request

  • Full address of the new house.
  • Your valid email address and phone number.
  • The date on which you will be moving.
  • The type of service or plan you are interested in having in your new house.


Talk Talk Main Products:

TalkTalk offers four primary services to UK residents:

  • TV services
  • Mobile
  • Landline
  • Broadband Services

TalkTalk Customer Services are always ready to receive your call and provide you with a quick solution. The fastest way to receive help is by ringing Talk Talk Phone Number provided on this page. Please ensure to have your personal and account details on hand to help the customer service team with your enquiry.

TalkTalk customer service provides help with issues relating to your Landline, Broadband & TV services, it also started to offer Talk Talk Mobile service which you can also get help for. If you are unable to call, you can also try to email. them or try live chat during business hours.

In recent years TalkTalk’s priorities have been on improving and refining its existing services. Aiming to convince families to move across for its services, the safe browsing technology and online filtering it provides as an option have been generally well-received with customers in the UK.

TalkTalk’s creative approach to advertising its various packages and services include buying up On Demand services such as Blinkbox, and taking over poorly performing parts of telecoms businesses owned by competitors such as Tesco and Virgin in recent years.

Call TalkTalk on 0870 025 0438


TalkTalk are one of the UK’s largest telephone and internet service providers. Founded in 2003 by the Carphone Warehouse, Talk Talk was originally a small telephony company however their services were expanded to broadband a few years later, they are no one of the biggest players in the UK telecoms indsutry.

Today, they offer super-fast fibre broadband that’s faster than standard broadband, as well as TV services through a product called the YouView box, which itself is a smart TV set-top box platform created by three telecommunications companies, if you need to speak to talktalk about any of their products including internet or mobiles give the UK based call centre staff a call today on the TalkTalk telephone contact number of 0870 025 0438.

Some common questions related to TalkTalk services –

I am having problems logging in to my TalkTalk account. What should I do?

Give the Talk Talk customer service team a ring on 0870 025 0438.

I am unhappy with my TalkTalk service. How do I make a complaint?

Either give Talk Talk a call via their contact number on 0870 025 0438 to talk about the issue or send a letter to the address listed below.


Talk Talk complaints

By post you can write to Talk Talk using their official complaints postal address here:

Customer Relations Department,
TalkTalk Group,
P.O. Box 346,
SO30 2PW,
United Kingdom.


TalkTalk Address

TalkTalk Correspondence Department,
P.O. Box 346,
SO30 2PW.


Contact TalkTalk on 0870 025 0438

Why Do Customers Contact TalkTalk ?

Sometimes there can be technical issues which can only be solved by the technical department. In that case you can call the TalkTalk phone number to get in touch with the technical team. Please note this is not the official Talk Talk contact number, calls to our 0843 number will divert to to TalkTalk via our call forwarding service. Some of the common problems you might face are mentioned below:

  • Unable to setup TalkTalk router.
  • Need help with Talk Talk broadband.
  • TalkTalk YouView Tv box not working.
  • Problems On TalkTalk YouView Tv box.
  • Port your phone number.
  • Changing your mobile plans.
  • TalkTalk sim not working or your require a new one
  • Unable to activate your TalkTalk sim.

Whatever your problem simply dial 0870 025 0438 and the customer service team will be more than happy to help.



If you need to call talktalk simply call 0870 025 0438 and a member of the call centre team will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

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