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The convenient online phone directory service for all uk contact helplines.

Fed up of looking online for the contact helpline number for companies like Sky, Ea Sports, DPD & HMRC?

We have now done the hard work and listed all UK helpline numbers, simply find the company you need to call and give them a ring, its that simple.

Why do companies insist on making it hard to find an up to date contact number online?, you would think they would make it easy, but that could not be further from the truth however, with many companies now try to push their customers to either resolve issues via customer support online, or ask you to contact them via email which can take ages to get a reply from.

Here at Call Connection Contact Helpline, our goal is to provide you with a contact helpline number for all of the top companies, making it easy for you to get in touch with them stright away. That’s right, you can now bypass the take of navigating the compnaies own website with various methods of contact – but not a phone number!.

Social media like Twitter and Facebook has quickly become another viable way to get answers, but this method also presents a few problems. The same as email, answers may not come quickly with many companies only employing a small social team, and in some cases you dont get a reply at all. The problem of giving out personal information becomes even more important when using social media, as you certainly do not want thousands of people to be able to see your personal information. Answers to very basic questions about services, products, rates, and more can be found via social media, but this outlet is not a trusted method of communication for other matters.

Are there any other options? Online ticket systems are offered by some companies, but these work much the same as email and do not guarantee any quick response. In fact, in some cases it can take up to 24-72 hours to receive a response, and there is no guarantee that a problem will be solved upon first contact as it often takes a few messages to get the point across. It could take days of communication to solve a problem that could be solved in less than 5 minutes on the phone.

If you want answers or solve a problem quickly, the choice is clear – calling the contact helplines listed on this website is the way to go.