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Airbus UK Call Connection Contact 0844 375 1784

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Airbus UK Call Connection Contact 0844 375 1784

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Building on a proud 100-year British aviation heritage, every wing on Airbus commercial aircraft is designed and manufactured in the UK. The United Kingdom is a founding nation of the Airbus consortium and one of the company’s four home markets.

Call Connection Contact Airbus UK on 0844 375 1784

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Airbus Broughton Phone Number 0844 375 1784
Airbus Head Office Phone Number 0844 375 1784
Airbus UK Customer Service 0844 375 1784

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During peak hours the customer support team at Airbus UK deal with a high volume of calls, you may prefer to call during less popular hours, try again later on, or even contact them via post if the problem is not urgent.


About Airbus UK

Airbus employs a 14,000-strong workforce across over 25 sites, therefore Airbus is firmly rooted in the UK and its advanced technology industrial base stretching the length and breadth of the country.
Airbus is the largest commercial aerospace company in the UK and its biggest civil aerospace exporter; the biggest supplier of helicopters in the country; the UK’s largest space company and leading commercial provider of military satellite communications; the biggest supplier of large aircraft to the Royal Air Force; and a world leader in cyber security.
Each year Airbus spends in excess of £5 billion with UK suppliers. This UK supply chain comprises more than 4,000 companies, ranging from large primes to hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprise suppliers, each playing a vital role in helping Airbus deliver its world-leading products.

Commercial Aircraft:
The sites at Filton and Broughton design, test and manufacture the wings for all Airbus commercial aircraft, directly sustaining around UK 10,000 jobs.
Broughton, home to more than 6,000 Airbus employees. The site focuses primarily on manufacturing but also houses engineering and support functions such as procurement and finance. Airbus has invested more than £2 billion in the Broughton plant over the past 10 years.
Core activities at Filton, where an additional 3,000 people work, are the design, engineering and support for Airbus wings, fuel systems and landing gear. Teams also work on aerodynamics research, development and test facilities.

Present in the UK for more than 40 years, Airbus’ helicopter activity is headquartered in Oxfordshire – Britain’s civil helicopter hub – from where the company provides the country’s premium rotary wing aircraft solutions. With sites in Aberdeen, Belfast, Hawarden and Oxford, Airbus provides helicopter design, manufacturing, support, maintenance and training to its customers. Airbus rotary wing aircraft make up the entirety of the country’s police helicopter fleet, 60% of the air ambulance fleet, and half of the country’s overall civil helicopter fleet. Airbus is also an important helicopter supplier to the UK armed forces, with 100 of its rotorcraft in service with the Ministry of Defence. These include dedicated helicopters for operations across the globe – including the Puma 2, the workhorse of the RAF and one of the most successful defence helicopter programmes in the UK.
Airbus Helicopters also provides aircraft for the UK Ministry of Defence Military Flying Training System, meaning that for more than half a century, every helicopter pilot in the country has been trained on Airbus Helicopters platforms.

As the biggest supplier of large aircraft to the Royal Air Force, Airbus is responsible for the delivery of the service’s Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft.
At Airbus’ Filton site, in addition to its work on commercial aircraft, the facility also is responsible for wing assembly and equipping the Airbus A400M multi-role airlifter. At its site in Newport, south Wales, Airbus specialises in secure information services, cyber solutions and the security of critical infrastructure in the UK, serving as key partners in government and NATO-led information infrastructure programmes. The site also is home to a global centre of excellence in emergency response solutions and leads the world in simulations and virtual reality techniques for network-centric operations.

As the largest space company in Europe and an integral part of the £14 billion UK space sector, Airbus designs and manufactures advanced satellites and systems for telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation and science programmes. Also, a significant percentage of TV programming for the country is broadcast by Airbus-built satellites.
A total of 4,000 people based in Portsmouth and Stevenage support the UK’s military satellite communications services to the country’s armed forces, including mobile voice, video, internet and broadcast communications. Delivered through the Skynet 5 constellation, these services also meet the needs of other military and government users, including NATO.


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Wellington House
125-130 Strand
London Greater London,


If you would prefer to speak to the member of staff over at the Airbus UK HQ please use the Airbus UK Call Connection Contact Number listed.


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