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DLA Call Connection Contact 0843 504 9377

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DLA Call Connection Contact 0843 504 9377

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Call Connection Contact DLA 0843 504 9377

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a social security benefit in the United Kingdom paid to eligible claimants who have personal care and/or mobility needs as a result of a mental or physical disability. It is tax-free, non-means-tested and non-contributory.

If you’re a UK Resident who requires assistance with mobility or with self-care then you may be eligible for Disability Living Allowance payments provided that you were born after 8th April 1948 and are below 16 years of age. If you’re already over 16 you can no longer apply for DLA, instead you will be asked to apply for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit. However if you were born before 8th April 1948, you will still continue receiving your DLA benefit.

To contact DLA please call 0843 504 9377

 Call Connection Contact
DLA Phone Number 0843 504 9377
DLA Head Office Phone Number 0843 504 9377
DLA Customer Service 0843 504 9377

Call Connection Contact Details:

Call DLA Number
DLA 0843 504 9377
Head Office Address Department for Work & Pensions
Disability Living Allowance
Warbreck House
Warbreck Hill Road
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday

DLA Call Centre Opening Hours:

Day Opening Times
Monday 8am – 6pm
Tuesday 8am – 6pm
Wednesday 8am – 6pm
Thursday 8am – 6pm
Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Looking for the phone number for the DLA customer service team & other departments such as complaints? Here at Call Connection Contact Helpline we are dedicated to helping you to get in touch with the various companies located across the UK.

If you were looking for the contact information to reach the customer service team at DLA you have certainly landed on the right page. Common searches for DLA include Complaints, Head Office and Customer Services, whichever department you would like to get in contact with simply dial the contact helpline number listed.

The DLA helpline can be busy during peak hours, the DLA head office deal with all types of customer enquiries via phone and post, whatever your issue you can contact the customer service team today by calling the contact number listed.

Why Do Customers Call DLA?

  • Make a claim
  • Amend an existing claim
  • Speak to an adviser
  • Change of circumstances
  • Eligibility
  • DLA information
  • PIP information
  • Complaints
  • Careers.


DLA is restricted to people who fall into all of the following categories:
– They must ordinarily be resident and present in the UK
– They must meet the rules concerning age: new DLA claims can only be made if the claimant is under 16; however existing claimants can continue to claim DLA if they were born on or before 8 April 1948.
– They must not be living in certain types of residential accommodation
– They must have had a disability for at least three months, and expect it to continue for at least six more months
– They must have care and/or mobility needs.


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During peak hours the customer support team at DLA deal with a high volume of calls, you may prefer to call during less popular hours, try again later on, or even contact them via post if the problem is not urgent.


About DLA

This is a call connection service. Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for disabled people aged 16 to 64. You can no longer apply for DLA if you’re 16 or over. You might be able to get PIP instead. You can still apply for DLA if you’re under 16.
If you already get DLA, your claim might end. You’ll get a letter telling you when this will happen and how you can apply for PIP.

If you already get DLA?
If you were born before 8 April 1948, you’ll continue to get Disability Living Allowance (DLA) as long as you’re eligible for it. If you were born on or after 8 April 1948, your DLA will end. You’ll get a letter telling you when that will happen. You’ll continue to get DLA until that date. Unless your circumstances change, you don’t need to do anything until you get this letter.

If your DLA is ending, you’ll get a letter inviting you to apply for PIP within 28 days. If you do apply, your DLA will continue to be paid until at least 28 days after a decision is made about your PIP application.
If you’re eligible for PIP, you’ll start getting PIP payments as soon as your DLA payments end.

The rate of your DLA benefit will depend on the disability or health condition that is affecting your quality of life. The rate is based on two parts, namely the Care Component and the Mobility Component. DLA is made up of 2 components, the ‘care component’ and the ‘mobility component’. To get DLA you must be eligible for at least one of the components. How much DLA you get depends on how your disability or health condition affects you.
DLA is usually paid every 4 weeks. All benefits, pensions and allowances are paid into an account, for example your bank account.

You might get a letter saying you need to attend an assessment to check the level of help you need. The letter explains why, and where you must go. Your benefit may be stopped if you don’t go.
At the assessment, you’ll be asked for identification. You can use a passport or any 3 of the following:
– Birth certificate
– Full driving licence
– Life assurance policy
– Bank statements.

If you want to file a complaint against poor services of DLA you can also send a letter to the DLA customer complaint address:

Department for Work and Pensions
PO Box 50101

If you would prefer to speak to the member of staff over at the DLA HQ please use the DLA Call Connection Contact Number listed.


To Call Connection Contact DLA please dial the 0843 number listed, all calls to this number will forward to the official DLA customer service team via our call forwarding service.

DLA Call Connection Contact 0843 504 9377

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