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DVLA Call Connection Contact 0843 168 0212

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DVLA Call Connection Contact 0843 168 0212

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Call Connection Contact The DVLA 0843 168 0212

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the organisation of the UK government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers in Great Britain and a database of vehicles for the entire United Kingdom.

To contact DVLA please call the contact helpline number listed

 Call Connection Contact
DVLA Phone Number 0843 168 0212
DVLA Head Office Phone Number 0843 168 0212
DVLA Customer Service 0843 168 0212

DVLA Call Connection Contact Details:

Call DVLA Number
DVLA 0843 168 0212
Head Office Address Vehicle Customer Services 





SA99 1AR

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday
DVLA Call Centre Opening Hours:
Day Opening Times
Monday 8am – 7pm
Tuesday 8am – 7pm
Wednesday 8am – 7pm
Thursday 8am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 7pm
Saturday 8am – 2pm
Sunday Closed

Looking for the phone number for the DVLA customer service team & other departments such as complaints? Here at Call Connection Contact Helpline we are dedicated to helping you to get in touch with the various companies located across the UK.

If you were looking for the contact information to reach the customer service team at DVLA you have certainly landed on the right page. Common searches for DVLA include Complaints, Head Office and Customer Services, whichever department you would like to get in contact with simply dial the contact helpline number listed.

The DVLA helpline can be busy during peak hours, the DVLA head office deal with all types of customer enquiries via phone and post, whatever your issue you can contact the customer service team today by calling the contact number listed.


Why Do Customers Call DVLA?

  • Vehicle enquiries – including tax, registration plates and SORN
  • Driving licence enquiries
  • Medical enquiries
  • Driving licenses and applications
  • Complaints
  • Careers.

During peak hours the customer support team at DVLA deal with a high volume of calls, you may prefer to call during less popular hours, try again later on, or even contact them via post if the problem is not urgent.

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About DVLA
This is a call connection service. Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Driving licenses were introduced in the UK in 1903, a central governing agency was only established over half a century later in 1965 with the founding of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC). The new agency took over the management of motor vehicles from local councils and post offices.
Owing to the increased responsibilities and revenues of the Swansea-based DVLC, it was co-opted into the Department for Transport in 1990 and was upgraded into an executive agency with the full weight and power of the government behind it. It was also renamed to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to reflect its new status.
Today, DVLA manages multiple databases containing the records of 40 million vehicles used on the roads in the United Kingdom and over 47 million drivers, along with licensing, taxation, registration and owner (individuals and companies) information. In 2015, DLVA collected in excess of £6 billion in Vehicle Excise Duty.

Taxing your vehicle is a must if you are wanting to drive on public roads. You are able to purchase car tax by contacting DVLA, using the contact number provided. A member of DVLA’s customer services will provide instructions on how to tax your vehicle and may provide you with the appropriate forms if needed. Car tax can be paid for via debit card, credit card or direct debit. You are able to tax your vehicle using a reference number from:
A reminder – (v11)
‘last chance’ warning letter from the DVLA
Your vehicle log book (that is in your name) – (v5c)
‘new keeper’s details’ slip from a recently bought logbook – (v5c/2)

The vehicle register held by DVLA is used in many ways. For example, by the DVLA itself to identify untaxed vehicles, and by outside agencies to identify keepers of cars entering central London who have not paid the congestion charge, or who exceed speed limits on a road that has speed cameras by matching the cars to their keepers utilising the DVLA database. The current DVLA vehicle register was built by EDS in 1996, with a planned implementation date on October 1998, though actual implementation was delayed by a year. It uses a client–server architecture and uses the vehicle identification number, rather than the registration plate, as the primary key to track vehicles, eliminating the possibility of having multiple registrations for a single vehicle.

When an insurance company writes off a car, the registration document (V5 logbook) is surrendered to them and destroyed. The insurance company will then notify the DVLA that the vehicle has been written off. This notification will set a “VIC marker” on the vehicle record on the DVLA database.
DVLA database records are used by commercial vehicle check companies to offer a comprehensive individual car check to prospective purchasers.
The database of drivers, developed in the late 1980s, holds details of some 42 million driving licence holders in the UK. It is used to produce driving licences and to assist bodies such as the Driving Standards Agency, police and courts in the enforcement of legislation concerning driving entitlements and road safety.

If you want to file a complaint against poor services of DVLA  you can also send a letter to the DVLA customer complaint address:

Vehicle Customer Services



SA99 1AR

If you would prefer to speak to the member of staff over at the DVLA HQ please use the DVLA Call Connection Contact Number listed.


To Call Connection Contact DVLA please dial the contact helpline number lsited, all calls to this number will forward to the official DVLA customer service team via our call forwarding service.

DVLA Call Connection Contact 0843 168 0212

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