HMRC Phone Number 0844 822 9486

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HMRC Phone Number 0844 822 9486

Need to call HMRC regarding Tax Credits, Emergency Tax, VAT or even Child Benefits? Dial 0844 822 9486 between 8.30am and 8.30pm where the helpful customer service team will be more than happy to help. Please note that all calls to this number will forward to the official HMRC phone number via our call forwarding service. The official number may be found in the public domain.


HMRC Phone Number – Dial 0844 822 9486.

Why Do People Call HMRC?

If you suspect you have paid too much tax you should call HMRC after the end of each tax year (April the 5th). When you phone them you can request that they re-calculate your bracket and refund any amount that you are owed.

If you are new to the country you should call HMRC to apply for a National Insurance number and inquire about the Direct Payment Scheme.

You should phone HMRC if you are an employer and want to inquire about which tax code an employee should be placed in, or to find out how much National Insurance they should pay.

If you have inherited estate or assets you should phone HMRC to get information and advice about how much inheritance tax you should pay.

Phone HMRC’s tax credit helpline or Child & Working tax credits, if you feel you are on a low income and feel you are entitled to tax credits.

Common reasons to contact HMRC include – 

  • Tax Calculations, or help with this
  • First-time Residency
  • Tax Credits renewal, or change in circumstances
  • Taxes on Inheritance
  • Business Taxes, or questions relating to this
  • VAT help
  • Personal & Business Accounting
  • Fraud
  • Check Charity Status

If you need help with any of these matters simply call HMRC on 0844 822 9486 and one of the helpful customer service team will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.


HMRC phone number:

HMRC Phone Numbers
HMRC Head Office Call Connection Contact Number 0844 822 9486
HMRC Tax Credits Helpline 0844 822 9486
Emergency Tax Phone Number 0844 822 9486


If you need to contact HMRC via post –

You can also write to HMRC with regards to your Self Assessment query by using their official postal address:

Self Assessment,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AS,
United Kingdom.

Call Connection Contact HMRC By Post:

Income Tax General Enquiries:
Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom
National Insurance:
National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom
Employers General Enquiries:
National Insurance Contributions and Employers Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom
VAT General Enquiries:
HM Revenue and Customs – VAT Written Enquiries Team
Alexander House
21 Victoria Avenue
SS99 1BD
United Kingdom


HMRC Opening Timings:

Monday to Friday 8:30am-8:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-8:30pm
Sunday 8:30am-8:30pm


HMRC Phone Number 0844 822 9486

HMRC was established as a new department by an Act of Parliament, the Commissioners for Revenue and Customs Act (CRCA) 2005, to replace the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. It is a non-ministerial department reporting to Parliament through their treasury minister who overseas their spending.

The main aims of HMRC are twofold: to ensure money is available to fund the country’s public services through the collection of tax revenues from individuals including the employed and self-employed, businesses and corporations.

Why would I need to contact HM Revenue and Customs?

Most people will phone the tax office number if they need help with their tax returns, tax credits or if they think that they have paid too much tax. However, there are a variety of reasons why you may need to contact, with common problems being issues related to:

  • Tax Credits
  • Tax Fraud
  • Business Taxes
  • Taxes on Inheritance
  • Charity Tax Status
  • VAT
  • First-time Residency
  • Setting Up Shop
  • Personal & Business Accounting

Need help with your Tax Credits renewal? Give the Tax Credits helpline team a call on 0844 822 9486. 

This is a call connection service. Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.


HMRC Call Connection Contact for Employers, PAYE, and Self-Employed.

There are many different functions that are handled by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and one of the most important is the management of worker tax status, payments, and information. If you are an employer who needs the proper information about an employee that you have hired, HMRC contact will be necessary. Employers are asked to call 08701 830 502.

Worker taxes are collected as part of the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. Taxes are based upon actual earnings, and in most cases are collected directly from each paycheck. If you are self-employed, the responsibility of paying taxes is on you. Call HM Revenue and Customs number on 0844 822 9486.


Tax Credits Call Connection Contact – 0844 822 9486

Child Tax Credits are paid to families with children and you could claim Child Tax Credit if you are responsible for a child or children that are under 16 years of age or if they are under 20 as long as they are in approved education or training.

Working Tax Credits are paid to people that are in work but are on low incomes. You may be able to claim working tax credit if you are aged between 16 and 24 years old and have a child or a disability or if you are over 25 years old. Apart from the criteria above you will have to work a certain number of hours a week, get paid for the work you carry out and have an income below a certain level.

There are two ways in which you can apply for tax credits at this moment. You can either use the official HMRC webite which will help you through the process or you can call the Tax Credits Phone Number on 0844 822 9486. When you call the HMRC contact number make sure you have all current info to hand such as your NI number, employment details and information about the income you receive, a current P60 can help with this and future claims.

Phone HMRC about your Tax Credits by calling their dedicated contact number 0844 822 9486. The tax credit helpline should be used if you want to find out when your tax credits will be made, to request a tax credits claim form and to tell HMRC about a change in your circumstances that will affect your tax credit payments. You can also manage your tax credits online by using the official HMRC tax credits web service via the official website.


Emergency Tax Call Connection Contact Number 0844 822 9486

Emergency tax is defined as the code which first appears on an employee’s payslip. A lot of times, employers aren’t sure about which code they should put their newly recruited employees on, which is why the safest bet is emergency tax under HM Revenue & Customs. Employees are put on an emergency code when they start a new job, starts working for a new employer after being a freelancer/self-employed individuals or after getting the State Pension or company benefits. In case of any questions in this regard, the Emergency Tax contact number would come in handy for all working individuals.

Think you are owed a Tax Rebate? Give the Emergency Tax phone number a call today. The HMRC customer service team will look into your claim and issue a tax rebate is you are due a refund. Call 0844 822 9486 for all rebate related questions.

HMRC PHONE NUMBER, contact the hmrc today on the helpline number of 0870 183 0505. Lines may be very busy during peak hours.

Child Benefits Call Connection Contact Number

Child benefits are money paid by HMRC to parents or people that are responsible for the upbringing of children. You can claim for each child that you are responsible for under the age of 16 however please be aware that only 1 person is allowed to claim child benefits (not both parents for example). You can also claim for a Guardians Allowance if responsible for the upbringing of someone else’s child because their parents have passed away which is paid in addition to Child Benefits. You may want to give the HMRC telephone number a call to find out exactly what you are entitled to claim.

There are currently two child benefit rates:

  • £20.70 per week for the eldest or only child
  • £13.70 per child for additional children

Child benefits are typically paid straight into your bank account every 4 weeks either on a Monday or a Tuesday however there are certain conditions where it is paid on a weekly basis, to find out if you qualify for weekly payments it is advised to give the Child Benefit number a call to find out. If you require any help or assistance with claiming child benefits then you can call the Child Benefit contact number on 0870 280 2566. HMRC will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


List of HMRC Departments

HMRC Department Phone Number
Income Tax 0844 822 9486
Self-Assessment 0844 822 9486
Tax Credits 0844 822 9486
Child Benefit 0844 822 9486
National Insurance 0844 822 9486
Employer Enquiries 0844 822 9486
VAT Enquiries 0844 822 9486

For more information about Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits or Emergency Tax call HMRC on 0844 822 9486.



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