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Lycamobile Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0813

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Lycamobile Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0813

Need to call Lycamobile?

To contact the Lycamobile customer service team, simply pick up the phone and dial their UK contact number on 0870 025 0813.

Do you have a query regarding the service at Lycamobile, need to speak to a customer support rep? You can quickly come in contact with the Lycamobile call centre staff by calling the Lycamobile UK Phone Number on 0870 025 0813. Before making the phone call please read the information below regarding the call costs.

Please note all calls to this number will forward to the Lycra customer service team who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

Calls to our 0870 phone numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.
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Calls to our 0870 numbers will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Lycamobile call centre staff.

Lycamobile Telephone Numbers:

 Call Connection Contact
Lycamobile Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0813
Lycamobile Helpline Phone Number 0870 025 0813
Lycamobile Customer Service Phone Number 0870 025 0813

Call Connection Contact Deatils

Lycamobile Customer Services 0870 025 0813
Head Office Walbrook Building

195  Marsh Wall


E14 9SG.

Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am – 6pm

Lycamobile Call Centre Opening Hours:

Day Opening Times
Monday 8am – 8pm
Tuesday 8am – 8pm
Wednesday 8am – 8pm
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Friday 8am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm

Why Do Customers Call Lycamobile?

  • Quick Top-up
  • Transfer money
  • Check balance
  • Manage account
  • Help with Log-in
  • Technical support
  • Upgrades
  • Update personal details
  • Help to transfer a number
  • Assistance with registration
  • Check call statements and payment history
  • Help with auto-Top-up
  • Change your plan
  • General enquiries
  • Complaints


Call 0870 025 0813 to resolve your issue


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About Lycamobile

Lycamobile runs a number of diverse businesses for its customers in over 20 countries, in over four continents. Their impressive portfolio not only includes the Lyca brand, but also other Lyca services such as, LycaTalk, LycaTV and LycaMoney and many more. You can access all of their wide ranging offers, bundles and plans by visiting the Lycamobile website or alternatively by calling one of their dedicated call centre staff on 0870 025 0813.

Lycamobile is a mobile virtual network operator. An MNVO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a when a company doesn’t own a network infrastructure, but instead utilises another network’s telecom spectrum to offer their services. This allows the MNVO to offer cheaper services to their consumers but offering the same speeds and data network benefits.

Lycamobile sells international Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards to consumers wanting to make international telephone calls.  Since its launch in 2006, Lycamobile has more than 15 million Pay-As-You-Go customers worldwide.

Lycamobile has been providing cheap UK and international calls to Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The biggest strength of the company is affordable international calling for its customers. The vision of the company aims to connect friends and family around the world.


Below are a few of the services offered by Lyca:

Lycamobile Sim Card

If you wish to order a SIM card or seeking for help with the SIM services, you can easily dial Lycamobile UK customer service from your mobile phone. You can also dial 0870 025 0813 and get support for any issues that you may have. You will find that their well trained staff will be there to support and assist you.

Lycamobile Broadband

Apart from the mobile communication services, Lycramobile delivers outstanding mobile broadband services. The company is currently offering ultra-fast internet services for their valued customers without compromising on quality and ease of access. You can easily choose any flexible plan to suit your requirements. You just need to get in touch with the support team and ask for the appropriate plans and services in your location that suit you.


This service is a long distance pinless dialling service, LycaTalk offers cheap international calling rates to many countries around the world. This service stands out due to its unbeatable rates and the convenience of its service. LycaTalk ensure there will be no hidden charges. You will also get a lot more control over your telecommunication spending as you can monitor your calls online to keep the service as transparent for the customers as possible. This is just one of the reasons why LycaTalk is fast becoming one of the most popular and reliable services within this area of the market.

Lycamobile Student Plans 

The company provides great offers for students so that they can easily enjoy quality mobile communication services at lesser prices. You can set up Student Plans which offer fantastic deals, you can also manage you account online. If you have any questions with regards to the different Student options please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the Lycamobile team on 0870 025 0813 who will be happy to assist you.


Lycatv provides its customers with a fast and easy to set-up TV service. You can instantly watch your favourite TV shows, this can be natoinal or internatioal television. This service currently has more than 440 channels in over 20 languages for you to choose from. The LycaTv box is a device that maximises your viewing power at 4K streaming service. In this service, you have the ability to watch recorded programs from the last seven days across all the TV channels. It gives you a host of other perks at hugely discounted rates that don’t compromise on the quality.


This is a call connection service. Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

The Lycamoney card provides great value for your money.  It is a ‘prepaid payment card’ that you can use via Pay-As-You-Go. You can make purchases without any interest rates being charged. It is a safe and reliable way for you to send money overseas.


This is another subsidiary of the LYCA group. Lycafly aims to provide travel services to its consumers around the world. Using this Lycamobile customer service option, you can book your flights, look for hotels, and also plan your holiday.

Please get in touch with one of their customer service team with any assistance you may require regarding any service provided by the Lyca group.



If you want to file a complaint against poor services of Lycamobile you can also send a letter to the Lycamobile customer complaint address:

3rd Floor Walbrook Building

195 Marsh Wall


E14 9SG


Alternatively you can also contact the customer service team at:

14 Ealing Road




General Info:

Lycamobile currently has a contract with O2 with whom they have a wholesale agreement to utilise their network spectrum together.  Lycamobile is known around the world for providing top-notch mobile communication services for their valuable clients across over 20 countries. The mobile company is a part of LYCA group that is known for their prominent services across the globe.  It was established in 2006, the company has its headquarters based in the United Kingdom and serving millions of customers across various nations such as Austria, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Africa, and many others. The company provides cheap and reliable services, which is why in 2017 the Lycamobile company continues to grow from strength to strength.




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Lycamobile Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0813

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Call Connection Contact Helpline is a call connection and call-routing service and is in no way connected to the companies listed. We forward all calls to the hard to find official phone numbers for the companies listed. The official phone number for the companies listed may be found on the official websites or in the public domain.

Calls to our 0870 numbers cost 13p/minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7ppm plus your phone companies access charge.