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MYJAR Contact Number

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A direct number may be available on the My Jar website for free by clicking HERE

MYJAR Call Connection Contact 0905 481 0155

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Call Connection Contact MyJar

MYJAR is a reliable and responsible loan provider. They issue loans to customers at affordable prices. They pride themselves on being more reliable than other short-term loan providers.


To contact MYJAR please call

 Call Connection Contact
MYJAR Phone Number
MYJAR Head Office Phone Number
MYJAR Customer Service

MYJAR Call Connection Contact Details:

Call MYJAR Call Connection Contact Number
MYJAR Customer Services
Head Office Address
Moss House
15–16 Brooks Mews
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday
MYJAR Call Centre Opening Hours:
Day Opening Times
Monday 8am – 6pm
Tuesday 8am – 6pm
Wednesday 8am – 6pm
Thursday 8am – 6pm
Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm

Looking for the phone number for the MYJAR customer service team & other departments such as complaints? Here at Call Connection Contact Helpline we are dedicated to helping you to get in touch with the various companies located across the UK.

If you were looking for the contact information to reach the customer service team at MYJAR you have certainly landed on the right page. Common searches for MYJAR include Complaints, Head Office and Customer Services, whichever department you would like to get in contact with simply dial contact helpline number listed.

The MYJAR helpline can be busy during peak hours, the MYJAR head office deal with all types of customer enquiries via phone and post, whatever your issue you can contact the customer service team today by calling the contact number listed.

Why Do Customers Call MYJAR?

  • Loan application
  • Existing loan
  • Account information
  • Financial difficulties
  • Make a payment
  • Complaints
  • Careers.

During peak hours the customer support team at MYJAR deal with a high volume of calls, you may prefer to call during less popular hours, try again later on, or even contact them via post if the problem is not urgent.

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MyJar first began trading back in 2008. It has grown in popularity with more than 2 million loans issued to date. At MyJar they are proud to be a little different to other short-term loan providers. MyJar are fully committed to treating all customers fairly and honestly at all times. They have customer support teams operating 7 days a week.

MyJar pride themselves on being flexible, you can repay in instalments on your payday or alternatively you have the option to repay early with no extra hidden costs. MyJar always carry out affordability checks with credit reference agencies. This stops people getting into too much debt that they cannot afford to pay back. There are never any hidden charges with MyJar, you will know exactly how much you r loan is going to cost, the repayment amount and dates before you borrow.
MyJar always help their customers if they explain they are having financial difficulty. MyJar fund the major free debt advice charities — Payplan, Stepchange and Christians Against Poverty. They also work with other free debt advice providers.

This is a call connection service. Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

You can apply for a MYJAR loan in 4 easy steps:
Click the APPLY button on the official MYJAR website to start your application. Once completed, we will then assess the information you provided. Alternatively you could call the number provided to be forwarded onto the MYJAR customer care team.

Once you have received our email, click the link to confirm your email address. You will also see that MYJAR sent you a text with your unique PIN. You’ll need this to access your online account.

Once approved for a loan, they will present you with the loan amounts that you’re eligible for. Choose the loan duration and amount that best suits you and click BORROW.

Once you’ve requested your loan amount and duration, MYJAR will then transfer the money to your bank account in as quick as 15 MINUTES!

To apply for a loan from MYJAR you need to:
– be a permanent UK resident aged 18 or over.
– have a regular income.
– have a UK bank account with an active debit card.
– have an active mobile phone number and an email address.

MYJAR customers can borrow between £100 and £3600 over a loan duration of 3 to 12 months. You will pay between 0.35% and 0.75% per day in interest, depending on your loan duration and the amount borrowed. In general, you will repay part of the loan amount, plus interest on each monthly pay date. However you can make extra payments whenever you want, or pay the loan early, helping you save money.
Your MYJAR credit score determines which loan options are available for you. The amount you can borrow is determined by how much they believe you can comfortably afford to repay each month. Subject to your score you can borrow up to £3600 over 12 months. If you are late paying your loan, an additional charge of £15 will be added 3 days after the payment’s due date. Daily interest will continue to be added each day whilst the payment is outstanding.

MYJAR carry out a number of checks including the validity of your debit card, gathering information from credit reference agencies and performing an affordability check. All of this is part of MYJAR’s vision of being a responsible lender. They make sure all their customers can comfortably afford the repayments.
MYJAR collect your payments automatically by debit card on the instalment dates outlined. You can make an early payment in part or in full to help save you money.

Annual Percentage Rate is a way of showing the cost of a loan over a period of 12 months. MYJAR’s Representative APR example, shows you an example of one of their loan terms and the cost of lending over that loan term. If you choose to borrow over a longer term this percentage will reduce.
In simple terms – if you borrowed £300 for 3 months at 75p a day, that would work out at a total of £144.06. Customers who decide to take out a 12 month loan will benefit from a lower rate of 35p per £100 per day.


If you want to file a complaint against poor services of MYJAR you can also send a letter to the MYJAR customer complaint address:

PO Box 6040
 SS1 9TE

If you would prefer to speak to the member of staff over at the MYJAR HQ please use the MYJAR Call Connection Contact Number listed.

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To Call Connection Contact MYJAR please dial customer service number listed, all calls to this number will forward to the official MYJAR customer service team via our call forwarding service.
MYJAR Call Connection Contact 0905 481 0155
£1.50 per minute & your phone company’s access charge plus a £1.50 connection fee.

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