Pet Protect Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0415

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Pet Protect Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0415

Need to call Pet Protect? Dial 0870 025 0415, please note all calls to this number will forward to the Pet Protect customer service team who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

Pet Protect insurance offers owners greater peace of mind, without restrictions. Lifelong cover means that you never need to worry about stressful and unexpected bills, whatever your pet’s needs.

Some policies only insure a medical condition within a certain time frame or financial limit. With Pet Protect Lifelong Cover once you’re on board, you can claim for ongoing treatments up to your policy limit year after year for as long as you stay with them. Choose from £4,000 or £6,000 in vet fees.
The Pet Protect vet fee cover levels vary from £4,000 on Plus cover and £6,000 on Extra cover, each and every year, providing you renew your policy.

Stress free vet payments with Pet Protect
They can pay your vet directly so you don’t have to worry about your account balance or if you prefer to settle the bill with the vet first, then Pet Protect reimburse you straight into your bank account so you’re not out of pocket for too long.
A wide range of complementary therapies
Pet Protect allows you and your vet to choose the most appropriate cure strategy from more natural, non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicine.
Unique support for pet nutrition
If your vet prescribes a clinical diet, then you’ll be pleased to know that Pet Protect offers up to £100 towards the cost of pet nutrition.

Pet Protect Telephone Numbers:

Call Call Connection Contact Numbers
Pet Protect Telephone Number 0870 025 0415
Pet Protect Phone Number 0870 025 0415
Pet Protect Customer Service Phone Number 0870 025 0415

Pet Protect’s roots lie in the veterinary profession, where they first launched in 1983 to help customers meet the cost of expensive treatments. This background still guides our pet protection today as they continue to understand the clinical, financial and emotional impact that a visit to the vet can bring. That’s why they offer truly comprehensive insurance, helping you to give your pet whatever support your vet recommends, be it holistic treatments, traditional care or clinical nutrition.

They are one of the few providers of pet insurance that is completely specialised. They only insure pets, which means that whilst some companies insure your pet the same way they would your car or your house, Pet Protect think a little differently. This way PetProtect can offer an expert service that is completely dedicated to insurance for pet health and animal welfare.

They have been protecting pets for nearly 30 years now, and we’re proud to have supported nearly half a million pet owners. The Pet Protect experience, specialist service and comprehensive cover mean that they are the only pet insurance company to offer greater peace of mind.


Lifelong Puppy Insurance with Pet Protect

pet protect 1

  • Puppies are covered from the age of 8 weeks
  • Up to a maximum of £6,000 to spend in vet fees each and every year
  • Up to £100 off clinical diet foods
  • A wide range of complementary therapies available
  • Claims can be paid direct to the vet or reimbursed to you
  • Third party liability up to £1 million

For more info call on 0843 504 9374



pet protect

Eligibility Criteria For Pet Protect 
You and your pet must meet the following criteria –

  • Must be over 18 years old or over.
  • Must be the full time owner of the pet you are insuring.
  • Must live permanently at your home address within the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  • Must not have had any pet insurance policy covering this pet void or cancelled by the insurer.

Your Pet

  • If a cat, must be over the age of 6 weeks and under the age of 10 years when you take out a policy. A dog must be over the age of 8 weeks and under the age of 8 years when you take out a policy. A dog shown as a specified breed in the definition section of the policy terms and conditions, must be over the age of 8 weeks and under the age of 6 years when you take out a policy.
  • Must live with you at your home address.
  • Must not be used for breeding purposes.
  • Has not been subject of any complaints about its behaviour.
  • Has not been the cause of an incident or legal action.
  • Must not be used or trained for commercial use, guarding, security, farming, hunting, racing, volunteering etc.
  • Is not used in your profession, your occupation, any business or is connected with any trade or business.

If you are not sure on any of the above please give Pet Protect a ring on the helpline number of 0843 504 9374, please note all calls to the number will forward to the official phone number via our call forwarding service. The official helpline number may be found in the public domain.

If you would prefer to write to Pet protect please use the address listed below.

Furness House
53 Brighton Road
Redhill, Surrey RH1 6RD




This is a call connection service. Calls to our 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Monday: 09:00 – 17:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 17:00
Wednesday: 09:00 – 17:00
Thursday: 09:00 – 17:00
Friday: 09:00 – 17:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Excluded Breeds with Pet Protect

Pet Protect do not insure the following breeds (whether pedigree, cross-breed or mixed breed) or breeds of dogs that should be registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 including any subsequent amendments.

  • Pit Bulls, American Pit Bull Terriers; Dogo Argentinos, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, Chinese Shar-Pei, Akita, Dog De Bordeaux
  • A dog crossed with these breeds, wolves or wolf hybrids.

For more info please call on 0843 504 9374


Making a Claim with Pet Protect

How quickly are claims processed?
PetProtect aim to process claims within 20 working days of receiving the completed claim form.

Can payment be made directly to the vet?
Yes, they can make payments directly to your vet, but you would need to check your vet agrees first. The excess and vet fee contribution that may apply to your policy will have to be settled by you with the vet.

I need a new claim form. How do I get one?
Please check the offical PetProtect website or dial 0843 504 9374 for more help with this.

When should I submit my claim?
The sooner the better, but PP must receive your completed claim form at our offices within 6 months of the treatment being given.

What is a vet fees excess? How is it charged?
This is the amount you must pay for each unrelated condition you claim for. This applies per condition per year.

What is a vet fee contribution?
The contribution is a percentage fee that is only payable by you when you claim for vet fees. It is only deducted when you make a claim.

Can you accept electronic claims?
Yes. If your vet is able to send VetXML claims via the veterinary practice computer.

How long do I have to claim?
If you wish to make a claim for the cost of treatment by a vet, you will need to send us a completed claim form with all relevant invoices within 6 months of the start of any treatment. We will not pay claims made after this 6-month period has elapsed unless this is specifically agreed by us before the end of the 6-month period.

Pet Protect Call Connection Contact Number 0870 025 0415



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